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Hagerstown Heart has been committed to providing extraordinary cardiovascular care to our patients for over 30 years. Our goal is to improve the cardiovascular health in the Tristate region, not only by developing a strong physician-patient trust, but through providing the most comprehensive cardiac services in the area.

Hagerstown Heart has been committed to providing quality cardiac care for Hagerstown for over 30 years.
Our commitment to the Hagerstown community began when Dr. Hood opened up his budding cardiology practice here in Hagerstown on Mill Street in 1978 and has grown with the community since then, based on some important principles. Hagerstown Heart is committed to compassionate care that improves the health of not only our individual patients, but the health of the community.

Hagerstown Heart is committed to providing the latest cardiac technology and treatments to our patients based on the most recent and validated clinical information. With these principles, Dr. Hood added Dr. Faridi in 1993 and Dr. Jones in 1995, which allowed further growth of the practice.

We officially became “Hagerstown Heart” in 2001 with the addition of Dr. Papuchis and Dr. Hamilton. It was at this point that plans were made to move from the small office on Mill Street to our new and larger facilty on Howell Road, which has allowed has to grow exponentially. With the addition of the first electrophysiologist in Hagerstown, Dr. Reilly, in 2000, the practice moved into different directions. Continued growth has allowed the addition of our younger cardiologists, Dr. Notabartolo in 2004, Dr. Reddy in 2007 and Dr. Vaccari in 2008. With the advancements in cardiac care in Hagerstown, we also added Dr. Fallahi in 2010, who provides interventional cardiology services, including heart catheterization, angioplasty and acute management of heart attacks.

We now pride ourselves on being a full service cardiology practice that is devoted to bringing the latest and most comprehensive cardiac care to the Tri-State region.

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